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Cutting Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Production: One of the Year’s Biggest Energy Challenges

By Richard Ward & Kevin Haley Leave it to the rocket scientists to solve our biggest climate mysteries. That’s exactly what NASA has done to kick off 2018, using a spectrometer imaging satellite to measure global methane emissions—a potent greenhouse gas that accelerates climate change—and revealing an alarming increase in these emissions that threatens our climate. […]

5 Reasons Why The Clean Energy Future Can’t Be Stopped

Energy used to be a boring industry—no pun intended. For over a century, the proven formula for success was to drill, mine, generate, and consume more energy than the year before. But in 1976, a young energy analyst named Amory Lovins decided to question that paradigm in an article titled “Energy Strategy: The Road Not […]

Out Of Paris And Into The Frying Pan

For a President whose campaign slogans included, “Drain the Swamp,” today’s announcement on withdrawal from the Paris Agreement looks pretty cynical indeed. The People v. The Swamp – #ParisAgreement edition (via @YaleClimateComm & @AmyAHarder — Kevin Haley (@cleantechkev) May 31, 2017 A decision that favors special interest groups over what the public […]

After 100 Days Of Trump, Business Success Makes Clean Energy A Winner

They say “nothing succeeds like success” – and with a new Administration that places a premium on economic accomplishment, this business maxim can be repurposed as a baseline for any industry looking to cement its standing in Washington today. As the election results rolled in last November, many observers to the clean energy industry wondered […]

Clean Energy With Every Click: Google Goes 100% Renewable

Google, the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy in the world, announced this week that it will be powered 100 percent by renewable energy by the end of 2017, closing the book on a series of commitments first made in 2007 to transform how the company approaches sustainable business. Nearly ten years ago, Google made a commitment to go […]

Lessons from a Landmark Aggregated Energy Deal

In October 2016, a world-class university, the largest Level 1 trauma center in New England, and a parking facility in the center of Boston’s Financial District came together to announce a landmark aggregated renewable energy deal to purchase 60 megawatts of solar from a North Carolina solar farm owned by Dominion, a Virginia-based energy company. The deal […]

In the Fortune 500, Clean Energy is Good for Business

Fortune 500 companies are at an all-time high in terms of value – some $17+ trillion dollars as of this time last year. The explosive growth of tech businesses in particular, Google, Amazon, Apple and many more, have set the standard for modern capitalism in terms of profits and advancement up the Fortune list. But […]

Avoiding the Cliff: Put Energy Policy to Work for America

Around the turn of the century in the early 1900s, America was growing fast and energy was in high demand. Recognizing the need for action, Congress implemented policies to support the newly industrialized energy industry – primarily oil, gas and coal-fired technologies at that time. These subsidies performed as intended, boosting the energy industries of […]

The World After Paris: Energizing Economics in a Post-Carbon Era

It’s no accident that history’s greatest inventions have eventually ended up in energy applications, powering everything from the world’s greatest cities to the iPhone in your pocket. Harnessing the power of fire for nearly limitless applications was once the ultimate achievement in human history. And yet even that has now been eclipsed, from the computer […]